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Automotive Sponsorships the Best Return of Investment in 2024

Why should you consider Automotive Sponsorships?

The automotive industry has stretched its influence over two generations, both Gen X and Millennials and into Gen Z. Automotive has captured these generations' fundamental attributes and has shaped the lifestyle and brand culture authentically. All brands are looking for the next big trend. They all want to ride the wave whose energy comes from a grass roots swell. A rising tide floats all boats. The question is, where will the tide rise next… and when?

Competitive motorsports sponsorship opportunities have all of the ingredients needed to create that swell and, it is predictable! This allows one to propel their brand to top influential status and continually swing from upswell to upswell like Tarzan on a vine. Let’s look at some of the impactful reasons why your brand should consider automotive sponsorship opportunities.

Automotive has always been a hot topic with youth. From Grease to the Fast and Furious, Automotive is synonymous with excitement, sexy and living life fully. One of the top 10 best movie franchises of all time is The Fast and Furious, which has spanned two decades in theaters. Proving that directionally all generations are interested in Automotive. The automotive industry keywords are number seven on Google, just behind electronic industry searches. Automotive is one of the most expensive Google ad word buys, but it produces a high click-through/conversion rate just 4th behind dating, travel and advocacy. The automotive industry is in the top 10 biggest industries by revenue in the US.

Race Wars Scene from the Fast and Furious 7 - BTB Innovations, Dana Zamalloa was contracted to create the scene.

Despite all of this the auto industry has been underutilized in sponsorships.

The reason? It comes down to two main factors.

1. NASCAR has given automotive sponsorship an overpriced and shaded demographic representation of the automotive industry.

2. The automotive industry is complex, with an array of subcultures. Many mainstream agencies simply do not truly understand how to pick the right fit, sponsorship, and personality that fits the brand they represent. So, the move to simple and lower performing alternatives.

The top 5 reasons why Automotive Sponsorship can deliver the best influencer marketing results.

  1. Automotive influencers know how to produce quality content that is authentic and entertaining

  2. Automotive influencers are not overexposed. They have a high level of influence but are not shopped by over-priced Hollywood agencies.

  3. Automotive influencers are real, approachable, self-made people with real talent and/or craft.

  4. Automotive influencers built their audience over time and with effort. This means the investment from sponsors pays back for a longer time.

The Top 7 reasons why Automotive Sponsorships should be part of your brand's marketing mix.

1. Purpose-driven activation – Automotive sponsorships bring consumers to an array of locations, situations, daily interactions, and familiar cultural lifestyles.

2. Automotive sub-cultures are integrated into all the ethnicities, including Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American, Asian, and Persian plus they extend into a global reach. Though they are comprised of two primary demographics, generation X and millennials, they are gaining a unique sub-culture in Gen Z as well.

3. Best ROI- Automotive Industries Sponsorships provide the best ROI and impressions. (Statement excludes: NASCAR, INDY, and Formula racing)

4. Renewed interest and Impressions 365 Days - Automotive industry sponsorship provides 12 months of impressions. Though racing is seasonal, racing prep, vehicle builds, and testing are equally interesting to the general public. It is a very unique attribute of racing to have these on par in interest. You simply do not see off season interest so high in any other sport. Few take interest in off season prep of ball sports. Even sports with very long season begin to lose fans interest as the season progresses. Therefore, a sponsor of traditional sports spends his money for a season, while motorsport sponsorship still reflects a value based on a race season but performs equally all year long.

5. Genuine – Automotive influencers tend to be authentic, relatable, over deliver and are generally flexible to work with.

6. Sales Drive - The right automotive sponsorship will drive sales. This has been proven for generations.

7. Non-endemic draw - Often, automotive is looked at as a viable avenue for companies in the automotive space. While true, it is one of the best values for companies outside of automotive. Non-endemic sponsors easily capture endemic loyalty. Because automotive is so big, this hidden gem cannot be overstated. The value of automotive engagement for branding and building brand loyalty can’t be beat


Automotive sponsorships, properly executed, will prove to be one of the best allocations you can make in your marketing budget. The opportunities within the space will allow your brand to stand out in a crowd, gain a loyal following, give you brand-centric consumers that will have a strong customer lifetime value. The right Automotive Sponsorship will be your best return on investment for 2024.

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